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Postmodernism painting

Postmodernism is considered be a state of modern culture. The most vivid reflection of postmodernism as a specific style can be found first of all in literature. But it also has it’s reflection in other spheres and art is one of them. With syncretism and irony postmodernism became a specific style widely used by many artists all over the world. The main feature of postmodernism painting is mixture of different styles, methods, techniques used in different times.

Postmodernism in art started to develop at the middle of the XX century and reached its peak in 80s. It revealed in it as an impressive mixture of traditional art and vanguard. In postmodernism the centre of creative of work is not the material and theme themselves but an artist who is free from any limits and free in use styles and methods to reflect the surrounding. Thus postmodernism painting became a mix of tradition and experiment but tradition as base remained the most important.

Daria Bagrintseva as a representative of modern art prefers to mix different styles. She uses not only neorealism and neoexpressionism but postmodernism also with its specific features. Postmodernism in art as well as in literature is considered to be a kind of rebelliousness. It is connected with new ideas about hypersensuality and sexual revolution. That is what we notice at Bagrintseva’s postmodernism painting. Mostly her paintings connected with nude and mood theme. But we also see that she tries to portrait nature showing it in the very unusual way. The illustration of it is postmodernism painting “Aquarium”(2008).

The artist also demonstrates that she follows the main principles of postmodern art and mixes techniques in her postmodernism painting. She uses both paining and graphics as well as mixture of them. The example of it are paintings “The Eiffel Tower”, “Marylyn” and so on.

The means of postmodernism is widely used by Bagrintseva. She prefers vivid colors and unusual shapes to show in her postmodernism painting how world has changed since traditional culture was denied.

The new vision of city life caused a new look at city and citizens in postmodernism painting. The viewer can easily notice that at Bagrintseva's paintings devoted to this theme. The artist usually chooses one particular part of the city or showplace to demonstrate her unusual look at it. These are for example Eiffel Tower in Paris. The artist offers a new  look at it.

In traditional art a man was a centre of creative work and personality was the most important. In postmodernism situation changed. The centre of any postmodernism painting became not the man with his character but the art itself. That is reason why people on postmodernism paintings are portrayed in totally different ways. We can see that at Daria Bagrintseva’s paintings connected with people theme. The viewer won’t find what he is expecting to find as the artist refused to use traditional forms of portraying people.

As postmodernism claims hypersensuality and sexual freedom this theme became one the most important to many artists. This became one more attempt to reveal humans’ nature and an attempt to cognate it. Daria Bagrintseva postmodernism painting also devoted to this theme. Bright colors and unusual elements attract the viewer.

The main perculiarity of postmodernism painting is the absence of one certain hero or plot. At first glance it may seem irrational but same time an ability to combine different elements requires talent and skills. That is what Daria Bagrintseva has and what she demonstrates in her postmodernism painting.