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Postmodernism painting and pop-art: specific reflection of the world

Postmodernism appeared in the middle of the XX century as kind of reaction on cultural changes that took place at that time. It was highly influenced by the modern philosophy. Vanguard lost it’s leading position and thus the necessity of something new appeared. The main principle of postmodernism in painting is an “open art” with mixture of styles with no denying tradition but usage of it. The early period of postmodernism painting development was pop-art.

Pop-art reflects the values of so-called mass culture. Pop-art is free from any esthetic limits. It’s main features are mixture of beautiful and ugly and wide usage of all available means to express attitude to the surrounding. It became popular in 60-70s of the XX century and nowadays many artists widely use some features of pop-art in their postmodernism painting.

Daria Bagrintseva does not limit herself with one particular style. She uses neorealism, neoexpressionism as well postmodernism and pay attention to pop-art too. By now Bagrintseva created only three pop-art works but still they are unique and noticeable by their unusual colors and specific content.

Nature is one the main themes that practically all artists pay attention to. It’s not surprising as it’s one the ways for artist to express his or her attitude to the surrounding. Postmodernism painting is not acceptation but still nature theme for it is not the theme of high importance. On Bagrintseva’s landscape paintings the viewer can see the unusual image of nature. Tiny trees somewhere very far are almost unnoticeable as well as grass and grounds. All we can see on the postmodernism painting “Landscape-1” is sky of uncertain color. This probably reflects how the attitude to the nature and the attitude to it’s role has changed in recent years. As man stop pay attention to nature it’s almost disappeared in so-called mass culture. That is what Bagrintseva try to show. The same the viewer can see on the second postmodernism painting “Landscape-2”. All we can see just a couple of trees. The names of the paintings also reflect the values of the modern mass culture as they are not individual.

The third postmodernism painting that seems to be more close to the “classical” pop-art in “The eyes”. Pop-art widely uses symbols and stereotypes that became very important for modern society. That is what we can easily noticed at some pop-art paintings and at Daria Bagrintseva’s postmodernism painting “The eyes” too. At first glance it reminds a lot the widely known portrait of Marylyn Monroe by Andy Warhol. The tradition of pop-art is noticed in the bright colors that artist used and in the artificial elements of body. This postmodernism painting is devoted to nude theme but the centre becomes not the naked body though it’s first what the viewer pay attention to. The main accent becomes the eyes with the strange feeling reflected in it. The artist uses the naked body at this postmodernism painting as the mean to stress upon the main thing she wants the viewer to pay attention to.

Pop-art is still popular as one of the postmodernism main tendency that caused its further development. Daria Bagrintseva skillfully uses all the achievements of pop-art in her postmodernism painting and in some way rethink the tradition of pop-art adapting it to ours times. As Bagrintseva pays attention to other styles too in some cases she prefers to use the set of means that postmodernism has to reflect all the peculiarities of modern world and society. Pop-art paintings thus became the way to reveal the look at the modern people and their value system.