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Neo expressionism art

Neo expressionism art appeared at the end of 70s XX centrury and was the dominant art tendency by the middle of 80s. It was a kind of reaction to the development of concept and minimalist art that was popular in 70s. Neoexpressionists turned back to expressionism using it’s means in their creative works. That is not only vivid colors but also symbolic imagery and emotional manner of portraying the surrounding.

In some way neo expressionism art inherits the traditions of expressionism that appeared in the early XX century. The artists’ aim was reflecting the emotional stay of people not just an impression with using all available means. Expressionism is characterized with the subjective way of reflecting people and surrounding world. Neo expressionism art thus became a revival of expressionism traditions but same time it still differs from it.

Daria Bagrintseva individual style is noticed by the mixture of different techniques and rethinking of art traditions. She does not prefer just painting or just graphics and mix them in her creative works. As a modern artist she chooses modern styles. These are neorealism, postmodernism, pop-art as well as neo expressionism art.

The main feature of neo expressionism art that it inherits from expressionism is attention not to shape but mostly to emotions and the way the artist himself express these emotions and share with them. Feelings and emotions - that is what we can notice at Bagrintseva’s paintings.

As the main aim of expressionism as well as neo expressionism art is to express the attitude to surrounding not just the surrounding as it is, Bagrintseva does not limit helself with just one particular theme. She chooses different – people, nature, nude, still life and city. These things are the most important for many people and especially for the people of art.

Some critics stress upon the fact that in neo expressionism art usually tense and aggression are reflected. Still we can’t notice it at Daria Bagrintseva’s paintings. All we can see is an artist specific attitude to the most important things in person’s everyday life. Daria Bagrintseva uses a range of bright colors and same time dark colors to illustrate how her attitude and perception of the world can change depending on mood and period of life.

In Daria Bagrintseva’s neo expressionism art one particular theme cannot be called the most important one. She reveals her outlook with the help of range of themes and they all  become important. Still life for her are not only flowers or fruits that viewer got used to see at traditional paintings. With the help of vivid colors and with using her specific manner of drawing she portrays the coat rack (“Coat rack” (2002)). This is an example of how common things can be important in everyday life for the people of art.  We can’t but not notice the vivid imagery that has a special symbolic content in all Bagrintseva’s paintings.

Now neo expressionism art became popular among the modern artists who search the perfect way to express their feelings and emotions.  The viewer is not really interested in seeing the reality just as it is; he wants to see the artist himself with his specific manner of reflecting the surrounding. He wants to see the personality. Perception of traditions and their rethinking – that is what modern artist do in their creative works. The same Daria Bagrintseva does. She pays attention the existing art tradition of neo expressionism art. She uses different styles that help her to be inside art tradition and same time to reveal her individual outlook that viewer always interested in.