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Neo expressionism art in Daria Bagrinceva’s creative works: tradition and innovation

Neoexpressionism as a style appeared in XX century not only in art but also in architecture and literature. Some critics stress upon the fact that the most vivid manifestation neo expressionism art had in architecture. It is noticeable for example in the “organic architecture” and after that in the “symbolic architecture”. Still neoexpressionism appeared later in all spheres including painting. What concerns countries neo expressionism art flourished merely in Germany and after that started to develop in the other countries.


The main features that neo expressionism art has are the high level of emotional expression, attention to the national traditions and traditions of romanticism, the usage of so-called “natural shapes”. That is what we can notice in architectural neoexpressionism as well as in neoexpressionism in painting. The most important achievement of neo expressionism art is combining of functional means and expression of feelings.   


Daria Bagrintseva chose neo expressionism as well as neorealism, pop-art and other styles to reflect the different ways she sees the world and the changing attitude to the world. Only the usage of specific means of this or that style can be the way for the artist to reflect different emotional state at different life periods. That is the reason why Daria Bagrintseva follows the traditions of neo expressionism art in her creative works as well as traditions of the other art styles.


As the art of XX century turns to the theme of sexual revolution, nude became one of the leading theme in neo expressionism art too. Daria Bagrinceva chose this theme not just by accident only. For her it becomes one of the ways to reveal man’s and woman’s world outlook as well as the peculiarities of their relationship in modern society. That is what the viewer can see at such paintings as “Two”, “Kiss” and some others. She also turns to mythology and national traditions and connect them with nude theme. The painting “Little Mermaid” is a proof of it.


All themes in Daria Bagrintseva’s creative works are closely connected. Nude is just one of people’s states that allow all the peculiarities of the personality to be revealed. This theme is a kind of continuation of people theme which is also considered to be one of the most important for Bagrintseva. The artist share with idea that an unusual look at people can be the way to understand them and explain their behavior.  The changes in people’s character are caused by the changeable character of modern world as well as value system changes.


Neo expressionism art reflects the historical changes that took place in XX century that cannot but caused the changes in art esthetic system. Artists reflect these changes in their creative works. It’s especially noticed in the way artists show how the surrounding of modern man changed – both city and nature. For Daria Bagrintseva nature and city theme are also themes of high importance. She shows in her creative works not only the changes of people’s character but also the changes of living conditions and her attitude to these changes. The influence of these conditions changes are reflected at such paintings as “Tuscany”, “Moulin Rouge”.


Neo expressionism art that flourished about 30 years ago nowadays got a new birth in the creative works of modern artists who found it reasonable to use different art means to express their world outlook. Daria Bagrintseva likes to experiment with art traditions and these experiments are always successful. Following the traditions of neo expressionism art she offers a new look at things that we all got used to.