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Landscape drawing

Landscape is one the most widespread themes in painting. It also became popular in modern photography. No wonder that many artists paid their attention to this theme. It appeared in the early times of ancient Roman Empire and then had a new birth in Renaissance paintings. In the recent years the so called industrial landscape drawing became very popular as well as marine landscape drawings. Landscape theme is a classical theme for painting: we can easily find a variety of painting devoted to it among the creative works of many artists.

The flourishing of landscape theme is considered to be the end of the XIX century when impressionism appeared. Impressionists pay special attention to play of the sunlight and offers a new look at the things that became common to people and especially on nature as one the main thing that play an important role in man’s life. Daria Bagrintseva follows this tradition in some way and creates the specific world on her landscape paintings. It cannot but noticeable that for the artist is important not only tradition but also innovation. The proof of it is that Bagrintseva uses modern styles for landscape drawing such as neorealism, neoexpressionism, postmodernism and so on. That shows how easily traditional genre that appeared many centuries ago can be combined with new styles that give it a kind of “new life”.

Bagrintseva’s landscape drawing has its own specific features. It’s not only the mix of modern and traditional that was mentioned above. It is also a special technique she uses and play of shades and colors. But what concerns technique Bagrintseva does not limit herself with just one. For her landscape drawing she uses both painting and graphics and demonstrates the skillful usage of them.

The main elements of landscape drawing are ground, greenery, perspective scene. Combining all the elements the artist can easily reach the impressive effect. That is what Daria Bagrintseva does but same time she finds it important to make accents on some elements making them a kind of leading. It attracts viewer’s attention with the pure and vivid colors as well as with the plot. Nature cannot be static: it develops all the time. The attentive viewer can notice this on Bagrintseva’s landscape drawing.

On the landscape drawing artists reflect their attitude to the surrounding world sharing with emotion and mood that change together with nature changes. Bagrintseva’s landscape drawing reflects the changeable character of the nature and changes of her own mood.

The artist makes nature the central character of landscape drawing. We cannot find people on Bagrintseva’s paintings. That’s because the main aim or the artist in this case is cognition of nature in all it’s . And she cognate the nature of different countries and regions step by step using all means she has for this.

At first glance the viewer can say that landscape painting has no plot. In some way it’s true but Bagrintseva demonstrate the opposite. We can see that she reflects the present and the most important for her things that are about to change or to remain the same – that is what we can never guess.

Daria Bagrintseva has her unique individual style that gives specific sense to all she reflects at her paintings. Landscape drawing gives an artist a chance to show his or her skills with the help of color, light and shades. Bagrintseva uses all the opportunities given by this genre to reveal a part of her world outlook to the viewer that is able to understand it. Landscape theme can be reflected in the range of motives and we can see it on Bagrintseva’s landscape drawing.