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Landscape drawing: а trip to unknown world

As a specific genre landscape appeared in ancient times when it was considered just as a kind of background for portraying mythological characters and reflects the atmosphere of ancients myths. It started to develop only in 14th century when people became interested in nature and got more knowledge about it. Now landscape as a painting theme can easily be found among other creative works’ themes of the majority of modern artists. It is still popular and still actual in modern painting.

Landscape is one the main themes of Daria Bagrintseva’s creative works as well city theme, nude and other themes the artist has chosen as the most important. Landscape drawing gives an artist a unique opportunity to reflect what he or she saw in different periods of the year or times of the day. With the help of different technique and styles Daria Bagrintseva reflects all the beauty of the nature she had an opportunity to see. As she was impressed by it she made a successful attempt to share with it and show it to the viewer in landscape drawing.  

How can the unique Bagrintseva’s style be felt? It’s very easy to do if you try to compare her landscape drawing with the same drawing by other modern artists. This is the way to see how skillfully she combines the features of the different styles and how easily she can change her technique. She does not prefer one particular style for landscape drawing; she uses neorealism, neoexpressionism and postmodernism with their specific features. These styles that differ a lot from common to most people realism or romanticism help her to reflect the philosophical and metaphorical polysemy of senses of life in her paintings.

Daria Bagrintseva offers the viewer to join her in an interesting and exciting trip to different countries and cities she wants to show. The play of light and colors on landscape drawing creates the specific atmosphere of those places that no other places in the world have.  Each painting is a kind of story that artist is trying to tell the viewer and an attempt to reveal his or her world outlook. Landscape drawing causes a range of different associations; that is the reason why merely this genre is so popular among artists and attracts so many people.

Bagrintseva rethinks the traditional plots, technique and styles. It helps her to find her own way and to create individual style in landscape drawing as well as in the other creative works not depensing on genre and theme. She uses both painting and graphics and their mixture to reflect all the beauty that nature has and the way she sees this beauty.

Landscape drawing makes the viewer use his or her imagination to travel together with the artists to different places all over the world. The peculiarity of Bagrintseva’s landscape drawing is it’s openness to the viewer. The artist makes the viewer involved in the world she sees and she creates in her paintings.

Bagrintseva’s landscape drawing reveals the harmony that nature has and shows the importance of this harmony to the viewer.  In modern world when people are always in a hurry and they don’t have time to stop for a minute and relax, landscape drawing become the mean that bring harmony and pacification and creates special atmosphere.

Picture gallery on Bagrintseva’s official site gives those who understands and estimates modern painting a chance to get acquainted with individual style and specific world created by the artist. Some of them have already become a part of private collections in Russia, Spain and India. This is one more proof of the fact that talent and ability to mix unmixable are highly estimated all over the world.