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Daria Bagrintseva


We – the “Dariart” gallery (former K-2 Gallery) – are proudly presenting a very talented young female painter from Russia, Daria Bagrintseva. She has achieved a reputation of a professional painter, with memorable and vivid style of her easel works. Daria's main medium is acrylic on canvas. 

A brief list of Daria’s themes include nude & erotic, wildlife, florals & botanicals, landscapes, cityscapes, and abstract art. However, Daria is also a graphic designer, an observant and distinctive photographer, and a capable interior designer who creates colorful and functional spaces.

Daria’s creativity is infused with the atmosphere of joy and life and with the belief she is a human being capable of creating her own happiness. This pervasive optimism is probably one of the most attractive aspects of Daria’s art. People are drawn to the expressions of the unreserved, open, and sincere joy that occupy her canvases. 

Daria’s drive comes from her non-stop creative temperament.  She is not a brooding poetic figure that lets ideas take years to develop and mature before she creates a work. Rather, Daria Bagrintseva  is driven to brighten the world, and as a sprinter at the starting line, she’s always ready to go, to create, mobilized by endless possibilities. Her ideas are constantly arising, one after another, evolving, mingling together until they give birth to something new.

Daria Bagrintseva’s body of work is polyphonic. She has explored a multitude of painting genres, and techniques. Combining traditional artistic training with the use of modern techniques and material, Daria Bagrintseva has just begun to explore the endless pathway that her creative mind is discovering.

The unifying element of Daria’s brushwork has always been color. It defines her work. It is the instrument she uses to give her creations space and depth, light and darkness, rhythm and form, and is the source of her works’ impressions. Daria is like the conductor, directing color to create the perfect harmony. Her colors may shine brightly. They may gently fade. They always sing, loud and clear, of the intense optimism she feels, and wants to share with the world.

Daria Bagrintseva’s paintings show that she got the divine spark and is blessed to create new and original art works. As Sergey Kuzmin, director to the “Dariart” gallery says: “Our clients like buying Daria Bagrintseva’s paintings. They place them into private facilities and offices, and decorate other public spaces as well. Both classic interior and ultra-modern design facilities friendly accept Daria’s works. Her paintings fill in any facility with the energy, harmonize it and warm up”.